Monday, November 2, 2009

Appeal to Baseball Gods

There are two reasons I want the Yankees to lose.

1) is, obviously, because I am a Yankee-hater. Which means, even if they have gone 9 years without a championship, that does not seem anyway near long enough. I'm a Sox fan. I want to see them suffering from a 100-year drought. Longer. I want them to have the longest Title-less streak of any Major League Baseball team.

In short: I hate the Yankees and want them to lose.

2) I'm not ready for baseball season to end!

I love winter and snow and bright cold days. But man, I hate early November, right when baseball end, and you have an empty spot in your schedule because you aren't checking how your team did last night. At least there are the Awards, but when none of your favorite players are really in contention, there's this sad silence from the baseball world. And I don't like basketball, nor do I follow football, so I am left clutching to baseball and waiting till next year.

So. Don't die yet, baseball! Hang on, Phillies! I want the full 7 games to be forced.